Monday, December 12, 2011

It will end on the day of thieves :: Submission deadline

It will end on the day of thieves, merchants and orators. A suitable sentiment for either end-time prophecies or submission deadlines. At Artichoke Haircut we do occasionally collude, conspire, share tea and fondle what some call fringe groups or crazies or cults, but we'll leave those discussions for another time. For now we'll just assume this sentiment means it's getting to be the "end-times" (wink) for submissions. It's the last week to submit in time for our Spring 2012 issue. The deadline is December 15th. This Thursday. Get 'em in.

Read guidelines here: Submit
Send things here: submit [at] artichokehaircut [dot] com

P.S. If you didn't click on the link above, please, do yourself a favor and click on this: William Tapley. This guy is so devastatingly, beautifully mad that he gives me a headache while simultaneously making parts tingle I'm ashamed to name or talk about on this public of a forum. (Hint: find "Denver Airport")

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