Monday, November 21, 2011

You're Allowed :: December 1st

Every month I run into the same problem: I try and think of a new thing or things to say about a reading that goes basically on the same trajectory from month to month. Maybe this month I'll  try metaphors, some of which may or may not explain the general ambiance of that room on that day when we're all sitting in it:

-Dramamine is used to prevent nausea and when the ocean is far from our heads we feel sad.
-Fireflies in a field appear as strange landing pads for the kinds of birds that don't exist or won't land.
-The oranges are in a bowl. The bowl is on the table. We cannot eat them. If we do it will no longer be summer. They rot. It is still summer. It is about to snow.

-Alcohol has made us speak in a soft voice to our feet. The city is large. We may never hike again.
-When the dishes are used and piled in the sink I feel as if I have lots of friends.
-Buses have pretense of community. So do toes.
-Timmy Reed likes Wal-mart. There aren't that many ways to say hello. Only old or worried men say hello and feel it in their throat. Timmy Reed likes Wal-mart.
-Succulent plants look like they should taste like tequila but in a much different way than a pig + a cow should taste like a hot dog.

That ought to explain everything. Yes? Good. But if it doesn't, please send all questions to


-Megan Boyle has jumped into a freezing cold bay though no one wanted her to. She came out smiling and smoked a cigarette. She has broken her ribs on a seesaw at 3am. She married Tao Lin in Vegas. The preacher was old and looked tired. The garishness of ceremony happened only virtually. She has peed in your sandbox. She has a new book out called "Selected Unpublished Blog Posts of a Mexican Panda Express Employee" (Muumuu House). She has been published by online places: here, here, here, here, etc. etc.

-Sarah Jane Miller hosts the Town Square Reading series at the marvelous Minás Gallery in Hampden, 3rd Sundays, and she wants to see you there. When not working as a saddle-shoed librarian, she can be found running, cooking curries, and watching old Bela Lugosi films.

-Little Lungs Little Hips is a band. They are girls. Grietje Smid may kick your ass and plays violin. Megan Lloyd plays guitar, sings and is Little Lungs Little Hips.

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  1. wal-mart is the fucking best. i wanna open my own tiny wal-mart pop-up shop.