Saturday, September 21, 2013

Artichoke Haircut Wins Best in Baltimore

Thanks, Baltimore City Paper, for awarding Artichoke Haircut Best Little Magazine. We are honored to get the award and to be to be included with such great company. Not to brag or nothing, but we also have some pretty awesome and (most importantly, far more important than their literary abilities) really sexy friends who also kicked some CP ass:
  • Rupert Wondolowski (a beautiful "eccentric weirdo") via Normal's Books & Records. Rupert, aside from running hands down the best place to blow a bunch of money on things other than alcohol, is also one of this cities best poets. Published in AH Vol. 4.
  • Adam Robinson, good friend and proprietor of Publishing Genius Press, won Best Publishing Company. Look out for Genius Haircut, a collaboration in the works for November, which will be found on Everyday Genius's site.
  • Tracy Dimond, contributor (vol. 5) and sometimes reader at You're Allowed, won Best Chapbook for Sorry I Wrote So Many Sad Poems Today, published by Ink Press.
  • Jen Michalski won Best Fiction for her novel, The Tide King. She was a featured reader in May 2012.
  • Justin Sirois, who should have also won Best Texas Looking Guy Who Actually Has Never Lived in Texas, in fact won Best Fake App for the app which accompinies his new cereal/novel novel So Say the Waiters. He has read for us many times and his poetry was published in vol. 4.

Go Baltimore.