Sunday, April 7, 2013

Lit, Carnival Games & Music. What More is There?

There is a really long story about how this event came to be. But I won't bother with it because ... well, because its long and who really cares. What is important is that this event is going to be so smacktabulous that we had to get a whole bunch of other people to help us contain the crazy. We teamed up with 5ive:Ten, Shattered Wig, Publishing Genius, and Ink Press to put on a night of great readings, excellent music and carnival-type madness that you will find nowhere else.

Sat., April 20th @ 8PM
Metro Gallery

Readings by:

Matthew Savoca ("I Don’t Know,” I Said, to be released this month by Publishing Genius Press)
Michael Kimball (Us, Big Ray, and the newly released Michael Kimball Writes Your Life Story (On a Postcard)
Sarah Jean Alexander (I Imagine You in Your House, Cleaning Your Chest)
Tracy Dimond (Sorry I wrote So Many Sad Poems Today)
Amanda McCormick (Ink Press)
Batworth (featured in Shattered Wig)

Music by: 

Drunk Monk

Suggested $5 at the door

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