Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Arround Town :: Baltimore Readings in Feb.

Our favorite new arrival to Baltimore is not The Vince Lombardi trophy (though we're really happy to have that, too) but the sudden influx of great writers, including Laura van den Berg, who seems to be just about everywhere (no less than Tracy Diamond--see below), and who recently highlighted Baltimore in a great review for Ploughshares. If you haven't read it yet, read it here. It'll give you a pretty comprehensive picture of the goings-on of this strange city of ours.

But to know when what's going on are going on, here's a list of things happening this month:

Tomorrow: Gin & Ink are holding a workshop at Liam Flynn's Ale House. Bring some poems and drink some beers with  two lovely, young ladies just featured on The Signal.

February 10: Essential Sundays Reading featuring e. megg magee, Melanie McCabe & Jennifer Dove at Minas. Doors at 4pm.

February 12: Poetry & Conversation, featuring Adam Robinson and Chris Mason. Enoch Pratt Central Library. Doors at 6:30pm.

February 13: Barrellhouse Issue 11 Launch Party. Before I tell you who's reading, I'll first mention that this is in Philly, not Baltimore. But it deserves a mention because everything we've ever seen Barrellhouse touch turns wonderful. So make the trip (consider yourself implored). Featuring: Sam Allingham, Joshua Isard, and Courtney Mauk. At (oddly enough) Raven Lounge. Happy hour from 5-7pm. Event will be held upstairs.

February 15: Stephanie Barber reads from her new book "Night Moves" at Atomic Books. Doors at 7pm 

February 15: A Dark Valentine, featuring two of our favorites, Mark Cugini and Tracy Dimond (see above). E.M.P. Collective. Doors at 8:30pm.

February 16: 5ive: Ten, featuring, Roy Kesey, Jen Michalski, Justin Sirois, and Tara Laskowski. Minas. Doors at 5pm.

February 19: Worms, featuring: Tracy Diamond (see above, again), Christopher Stackhouse, Jeremy Hoevenaar, and Brian Nicholson. Metro Gallery. Doors at 8pm.

February 21: Library Basement Reading Series, featuring MFA students from UB. Langsdale Library. Doors at 8:15pm.

February 24: Three Tents, featuring Laura van den Burg (some people just get around), Dan Gutstein, Matthew Salesses, and Sara Burnett. This is another one that's not in Baltimore that i just had to mention. I do it only with good reason. The Big Hut. Doors at 6pm. 

Just added:
February 21: MFA Reading Series @ UB, featuring Jehanne Dubrow. UB Student Center, Hilda and Michael Bogomolny Room. Doors at 7 p.m.

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