Wednesday, October 31, 2012

New Magazine Available (For Sale) Online

Artichoke Haircut Vol Four :: Fall 2012
This took a while. We know and we're sorry. But here it is. You can now, after many trials and tribulations, hellfire and gale-force winds, much yelling and tearing hair out because "what the hell, what mad bastard came up with HTML, I don't know that shit, who knows that shit, oh... hold on, did that work, that worked, why did that work, who gives a shit as long as it did, well that's stupid, I though I... I'm sure I tried that already, oh well" and anyway, now it works. And you can buy a copy of our latest magazine online.

Look to your left. That little grey rectangle with the tiny pics that look like magazine covers. That's our store. And you can get all of our available magazines there. It uses PayPal so its safe and works and I cannot begin to tell you how happy we are that it finally works.

Read all of your favorite, super-great writers in the shiny new volume of AH:
C.L. Bledsoe
Cliffton Price
Justin Sirois
Lily Herman
Rupert Wondolowski
Larry O. Dean
Brooke Carlton
Conner McNamara Stratton
Barrett Warner
Sid Gold
Kristi Carter
Joel Dailey
Ivan de Monbrinson
John J. Trause
Tonny Leuzzi
Elena Botts
Casey Lynn Roland
Richard Martin
Carabella Sands
Lindsay Daigle
Jeremy Dae Paden  

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