Thursday, September 6, 2012

Readings in September

To go with the fall weather that is (hopefully) right around the corner, September is bringing you (people-of-Baltimore-and-surrounding-area) a harvest of readings to pick and choose from.

Of course, to start out with, Artichoke Haircut’s release party is tonight. (I hear it is a real blast, you should probably come). Readers include, but are not limited to:
Lily Herman, Barrett Warner, Rupert Wondolowski, Carabella Sands, CL Bledsoe, Brooke Carlton, Justin Sirois, & Sid Gold

Reading at Gallery 788, Saturday 8th at 8 pm.
Readers: Steve Roggenbuck, Timmy Reed, Sarah Jean Alexander, Buttercup McGillicuddy, Matthew Falk, Earl Crown, & Carabella Sands

Nikki Pattin feature @ Essential Sunday September 9 at 4pm 
Sundays Reading at Minás
featruing Sandy Pattin

Stories on Stage, Wednesday 12th at 7:30 pm.
D.C., (this is you, "people-of-Baltimore's-surrounding-area).

5ive:ten Reading, Saturday15th at 5pm.
Readers: Noy Holland, Laura van den Berg, Sam Michel, and the Lauren Bender

Conversations and Connections Conference, Saturday 22nd at 8:30am.
Philadelphia. Come say 'hi' to us while you're there! There will also be a lot a lot of great panels and oppurtunities to get your work looked at by editors from around the east coast.

Smartish Pace Reading & Music at the Baltimore BookFestival, Saturday 29th at 5 pm.
Who will be reading? Glad you asked!:
Madeleine Mysko & Bro. Yao (Hoke S. Glover III)

Book Festival, September 28th-30th starting at noon.
A B-more staple.

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