Monday, April 16, 2012

Around Town :: Baltimore Readings in April

I know, I know, we all love that indefatigable bore T.S. Elliot. And yes, this is truly the cruelest month. It is April, and therefore cruel. I get it:

April, with your blossoms and births and colors and growing suns, you make us forget the inevitability and totality of Death, which waits, biding its time and thinking to itself: Play in your lush colors...go on, play. This second will tick past and all will be black soon enough.

But must we deduce from this that all must also be poetry? I'm not sure that Elliot's line and the sanctification of April as Poetry Month have much to do with one another, but if they do, then some calender maker or senator or whoever makes these months up had a pretty morbid impression of the art of poetry.

Nonetheless, it is April, and it is Poetry Month, and, I guess if we gotta be macabre about it, then yes, all things will also die. But before they and you do here are some readings you should go to. (Blam! Rhymed the ending. You're welcome Poetry Month).

-7th Annual CruMoPoPerFest: April 17 @ 6:30 PM. Artichoke Haircut (us) presents an editors feature, with readings by us: Justin Sanders, Jonathan Gavazzi, Adam Shutz, and Melissa Streat. And, as is to be expected, there shall be drunk [sic]. Village Learning Place.
-Conversations and Connections: April 21 @9am. This is not a reading, but it is a great event so I had to put it on the list. Our friends at Barrelhouse are holding a conference for writers and just for writers. Get advice on writing and working the illusive world of publishing. See the link for more details.
-Poetry in the Park Celebrates National Poetry Month: April 21 @ 7pm. Featured Guests: GRACE CAVALIERI, JOELLE BIELE, & singer-songwriter KATHLEEN BRASINGTON. At the Severna Park Community Center.

-Benevolent Armchair Reading: April 22 @ 3pm. Featuring Mischelle Anthony and Cliff Lynn. At The Bromo Seltzer Arts Tower. 
-Poetic Formal: April 26 @ 6:30pm. Come in your best (or worst) formal wear for a reading of form poems. Village Learning Place.

-CruMoPoPerFest NaPoMo Sendoff at Waverly Library: April 28 @ 11am. There is a bunch of stuff going on at this reading so click the link for more details. 

-Last Sunday, Last Rites: April 29th @ 7pm. Featuring Barrett Warner, Jessica Dotson, Jen Michalski, and Karen Lillis. Baltimore Hostel.

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