Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A List of AWP in Chicago

Just recently 75% of our editorial staff (sounds fancier than listing our names) went to AWP in Chicago. I thought about writing up a Gonzo-esque blog post, but I forgot to take my upperdownerLSDbarbituate-tonic mix. Instead, here is a list of things collected throughout the trip:

Wednesday February 29, 01:14 am
1 List
A Brief Inventory:
5 socks (un-holey)
1 green t-shirt with a brown smear of
unknown origin on the bottom right hem
1 camera
3 underwear (no thongs)
2 jeans in which you’ve slightly peed in
   on separate occasions: laughing too hard and
   that one time when you were drunk
1 pair of contacts (no solution, get water or orange
   juice in Chicago)
1 tampon (just in case)
1 iPod
1 toothbrush (which one is mine?)
Brief Interviews With Hideous Men, David Foster Wallace

Thursday March 1, 02:27pm
2 photos of the Poetry Building

Poetry Foundation Building
61 West Superior Street
Chicago, IL 60654

Inside, second level library

Thursday March 1, 03:12 am
1 Note-to-Self

*Note to self: being drunk on the El induces vomiting

Friday March 2, 10:01 pm
1 (of many) Readings
McSweeny's reading:
The Boring Store
1331 N Milwaukee Ave
Chicago, IL 60622

3 mustaches
We turned into spies (bet you can't find us on GlitterGuts).
(Hint: we all grew an exceptional amount of facial hair)

Saturday March 2, 12:48 pm
1 video of the Bookfair @ AWP  
This might be in the video above... It all kind of blurs together.

Sunday March 3, 01:27 pm
1 receipt
Thank goodness for Free For All @ the BMA. I'm not sure "culture" is worth 18 bucks.

Sunday March 3, 08:49 pm
3 snowy days

You can't see it in this picture but there is snow. And wind. A lot of wind. Snowy wind. We had 100 lb bags and Adam forgot his coat. Oh well, Chicago is always worth the trip. Maybe next year, in Boston, it'll be warmer. (Probably won't, but who's to say wishful thinking is a bad thing?)

     -Melissa Streat

*Our next reading is Thursday the 8th. It’s the 1-year anniversary of “You’re Allowed,” so bring your party face. I for one do not own a party face, but instead will be bringing a pink pin that reads “Vagina Saint” and it is a part of the schwag I picked up at the bookfair.

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