Wednesday, October 5, 2011

DogDownDirty Halloween Party :: You're Allowed

DogDownDirty from Melissa Streat on Vimeo.

For the October reading we've decided to change things up a bit: we've dropped the pretense that anyone cares about words or literature* and for this month only we're just going to have a party, a gore-filled, rafter-swinging, dark, dirty, dance-crazy Halloween party. Why would we do this? Well, we decided to make the change from our normally scheduled reading series for two reasons: one, we just wanted to; and two, all the editors of Artichoke Haircut are themselves writers, and, as you probably know, there are a few things all writers love: one, masks (read persona), and two, carnivals, big debauchery filled carnivals, where every rule you've decided for whatever reason to follow is simply thrown out of consideration for really no reason at all. The whole of the world is one huge masquerade, and what other holiday in all of Christendom allows one the opportunity to have all these at the same time: Halloween (yeah, I know, I thought of Mardi Gras too, but this is Baltimore not New Orleans). So Halloween it is.

There will be drinks, Dj's, and prizes for the craziest costume – judged by us of course. Believe you me, you wanna dress up because you're going to want this prize. For now we can't tell you what it is, but all will be revealed on the 22nd. 

And for those of you who must have their reading in October, there is a solution. Earlier that very day ('round 6 or 6:30) Liam's is also going to host a reading, dubbed the "Hidden History Happy Hour," presented by Melville House. So one could think of the 22nd as a literary extravaganza, or just a reading and a party – whatever. But don't worry, next month we'll be back at Dionysus, and back with our readings and open mic, and all will be back in its rightful place.

So dress up, and we'll see you at Liam's on the 22nd.

*Just in case you didn't get it, this was a joke.

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