Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Editors' Shorts :: Vol. 1.5

So we received about 230 submissions (over 500 individual pieces) for issue number two.  We’re happy to have had the chance to read/discuss/analyze the hell out of some great pieces.  We’re even happier to be getting some new blood into this issue.  We will be publishing writers from faraway places.  We will be publishing photography.  Most importantly, though, we won’t be publishing ourselves.  It’s great to finally have so much to work with.

We are, however, still arrogant and self-centered, so we the editors compiled some of our recent work in an online issue, which we hope you will download.  It’s free, and we put a lot of work into it. 

For anyone still wondering what our magazine is all about, take a look.  Maybe you can derive some sense of what our criteria might be.  If you figure it out, maybe you could give us a heads up.
Thanks for reading, and keep watching for new stuff.

(To download click here and go to the far right box with the down arrow, otherwise you can just read it online.)

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